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Séminaire de Théorie spectrale et géométrie (Grenoble)

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Pierre Bérard; Bernard Helffer
Edited extracts from Antonie Stern’s thesis
Séminaire de Théorie spectrale et géométrie (Grenoble), 32 (2014-2015), p. 39-72, doi: 10.5802/tsg.303
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Class. Math.: 35P15, 49R50
Keywords: Nodal domains, Nodal lines, Courant theorem

Résumé - Abstract

The main purpose of these notes is to provide a reproduction, with some editing, of the first part of Antonie Stern’s 1924 PhD thesis which deals with the construction of higher energy eigenfunctions with a prescribed number of nodal domains, in contrast with Courant’s nodal domain theorem. A. Stern considers both Dirichlet eigenfunctions for the square membrane – her main result in this framework is mentioned in the second edition of the classical book by R. Courant and D. Hilbert – and eigenfunctions of the spherical Laplacian, her spherical results seem to have been overlooked in the literature, until very recently.


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